Sell your ERC20
Tokens for BTC

and other cryptocurrencies

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There needs to be a method of exchanging ERC20 tokens issued on Ethereum platform for cryptocurrencies other than Ether. This is particularly important for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO's), when the issuer of the token wants to accept Bitcoins as payment for issued tokens, or accept any other coins besides Ether.

How to Use

Start selling ERC20 tokens for Bitcoins (or other cryptocurrencies) is simple. You just have to implement DAOX API and create Smart Contract that implements the TokenReceiver interface. Please, check out GitHub for detailed instructions.

Don't forget to regularly withdraw your coins from DAOX depository by burning corresponding External Tokens with parameter which represents your wallet address for receiving the coins.


There is small fee which goes to support and development DAOX service. We will charge 1% from all amount of coins which goes through the service.